Sentence Examples with the word Baptizing

From Pope Zachariah (Ep. x.) we learn that the Celtic missionaries in baptizing omitted one or more persons of the Trinity, and this was one of the reasons why the church of Rome anathematized 1 Rogers' essay on Baptism and Christian Archaeology in Studia Biblica, vol.

Instead of baptizing in the name of the Trinity, he baptized in the name of the Creator and into the death of Christ.

The custom of baptizing in the rivers when they are annually blessed at Epiphany, the feast of the Lord's baptism, still survives in.

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Now before the baptism, let him that is baptizing and him that is being baptized fast, and any others who can; but thou biddest him who is being baptized to fast one or two days before.

When he resumes his narrative the Lord has left Jerusalem, and is found baptizing disciples, in even greater numbers than the Baptist himself.

West Africa him associated with Clarke as one of the most active members of the Newport church, and as the date of the organization is uncertain, there is some reason to suspect that he was a constituent member, and that asabaptized man he took the initiative in baptizing and organizing.

And so, in fact, John came, baptizing in the wilderness and turning the heart of the nation back to God.

In the age of the Council of Nice the custom arose of baptizing children of three, because at that age they can already talk and utter the baptismal vows and responses.

He insisted on baptizing children by trine immersion, and refused the Communion to a pious German because he had not been baptized by a minister who had been episcopally ordained.