Sentence Examples with the word Baptiste

A generation later appeared Baptiste Massillon (1663-1742), who was to Bossuet as Racine to Corneille; and Jacques Saurin (1677-1730), whose evangelical sermons were delivered at the Hague.

In France, Jean Baptiste Senac (1693-1770) wrote also an important work on the affections of the heart.

JEAN BAPTISTE NICOLAS ARMAND CARREL (1800-1836), French publicist, was born at Rouen on the 8th of May 1800.

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Gaston's son, Antoine Gaston Jean Baptiste de Roquelaure (1656-1738), carried on the family reputation for wit, and, in spite of his military incapacity, received the marshal's baton in 1724.

Elie De Beaumont, Jean Baptiste Armand Louis Leonce (1798-1874), French geologist, was born at Canon, in Calvados, on the 25th of September 1798.

This phenomenon was subjected to a detailed investigation by Jean Baptiste Biot during the years 1812 to 1814, and from the results of his experiments Thomas Young, with his brilliant acumen, was led to infer that the colours were to be attributed to interference between the ordinary and extraordinary streams in the plate of crystal.

JEAN BAPTISTE MASSILLON (1663-1742), French bishop and preacher, was born at Hyeres on the 24th of June 1663, his father being a royal notary of that town.

JEAN BAPTISTE HENRI LACORDAIRE (1802-1861), French ecclesiastic and orator, was born at Recey-sur-Ource, Cote d'Or, on the 12th of March 1802.

JEAN BAPTISTE LOUIS GEORGE SEROUX D'AGINCOURT (1730-1814), French archaeologist and historian, was born at Beauvais on the 5th of April 1730.

He stayed at Cambrai for some time, where European diplomatists were still in full session, journeyed to Brussels, where he met and quarrelled with Jean Baptiste Rousseau, went on to the Hague, and then returned.