Sentence Examples with the word Bantu

Coast regions, and of the Bantu in 1911 no fewer than 871,062 lived in the Transkeian territories, where there were 54 persons to the sq.

This alone would be sufficient to controvert the baseless assumption that there existed in southern Rhodesia a ruling caste of different racial origin from the general Bantu population.

They speak a rude creole patois, based on French but with a large admixture of Indian, Bantu and English words.

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In fact the only Bantu tribes who are not agriculturists are the Ova-Herero of German South-West Africa, whose purely pastoral habits are the natural outcome of the barren country they inhabit.

Of the Bantu tribes several main groups may be distinguished.

The territories north and north-east of these Bantu kingdoms are inhabited by Nilotic negroes and up to 1909 were left almost unadministered, except in close vicinity to the Nile banks.

At this point it is only necessary to state that at the same time as the Europeans were slowly extending northward from the south-western point of the continent, a conquering race of Bantu negro stock, originating from somewhere beyond the Zambezi, was spreading southward along the western side of the country.

The Bantu negroes represent the future ruling race of the protectorate, and include the remarkable Baganda people.

All these mixed Bantu peoples are immigrants at various periods from beyond the Zambezi.

With the exception of a few Bushmen, who cling to the slopes of the Drakensberg, all the natives are of Bantu stock.