Sentence Examples with the word Bandits

Then came the long, firm rule of Porfirio Diaz, who first broke up the organizations of bandits that infested the country, and then sought to raise Mexico from the state of discredit and disorganization into which it had fallen.

An excellent understanding was, in fact, established between these two contiguous countries, in spite of occasional disturbances by bandits on the frontier.

The government has made repeated efforts to secure immigrants from Europe, but the lands set apart for immigrant settlers are in the forested provinces south of the Bio-Bio, where the labour and hardships involved in establishing a home are great, and the protection of the law against bandits and criminal assaults is weak.

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It was up its valley that first Greek, then Latin civilization penetrated from the Mediterranean to Lyons, as well as in the 10th century the Saracen bandits from their settlement at La Garde Freinet, near the coast of Provence.

They were used by the inhabitants of Arbela as a place of refuge from the army of Bacchides, general of Demetrius king of Syria, and were the resort of bandits in the reign of Herod the Great.

For her sake, he hoped they were being stalked by inept bandits and not by bloodthirsty warriors like those from Landis.

Insurrections occurred frequently, the insurgents receiving secret aid from sympathizers in China, and the difficulties of the Japanese being increased not only by their ignorance of the country, which abounds in fastnesses where bandits can find almost inaccessible refuge, but also by the unwillingness of experienced officials to abandon their home posts for the purpose of taking service in the new territory.

P bandits and the restoration of order within the papal state.