Sentence Examples with the word Bandage

Pierre took the bandage off his eyes and glanced around him.

The distinctive feature is the spiral arrangement of the garment,the body being wrapped to a greater or less extent with a bandage of varying length in more or less parallel stripes.

The painkillers didn't work, and by noon, she had a pulsing headache and no idea how to change the leaky bandage around her wrist.

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Don't use the traditional bandage next time.

Taran moved closer to her, watching her clean and bandage her forearm with practiced efficiency.

But at that instant a tall Austrian general in a greatcoat, with the order of Maria Theresa on his neck and a black bandage round his head, who had evidently just arrived, entered quickly, slamming the door.

Brady reached into a cargo pocket and pulled free an emergency bandage wrap.

He stripped the bandage and showed her the steps again.

Her games, too, were characteristic, for her great delight was to nurse and bandage her dolls.

The bandage was taken off his eyes and, by the faint light of the burning spirit, Pierre, as in a dream, saw several men standing before him, wearing aprons like the Rhetor's and holding swords in their hands pointed at his breast.