Sentence Examples with the word Baillie

In the choir is the tombstone which Carlyle erected over the grave of his wife, Jane Baillie Welsh (1801-1866), a native of the town.

In England the first important name in this field is at the same time that of the first writer of a systematic work in any language on morbid anatomy, Matthew Baillie (1761-1823), a nephew of John and William Hunter, who published his treatise in 1795.

Not till the smoke was seen from St Thomas's Mount, where Sir Hector Munro commanded some 5200 troops, was an 9;;10vement made; then, however, the British general sought to effect a junction with a smaller body under Colonel Baillie recalled from Guntur.

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See M'Crie's Life of Alexander Henderson (1846); Aiton's Life and Times of Alexander Henderson (1836); The Letters and Journals of Robert Baillie (1841-1842) (an exceedingly valuable work, from an historical point of view); J.

They are sufficiently evidenced by the fact that Edward Jenner and Matthew Baillie were his pupils.

In 1648, after the royalist defeat at Winwick by Cromwell, part of the royal forces under General Baillie rallied at Warrington, hoping to effect the passage of the bridge, but failed, and the general with 4000 men capitulated.

The diplomacy of Hastings won over the nizam and the Mahratta raja of Nagpur, but the army of Hyder Ali fell like a thunderbolt upon the British possessions in the Carnatic. A strong detachment under Colonel Baillie was cut to pieces at Perambakam, and the Mysore cavalry ravaged the country unchecked up to the walls of Madras.

It is principally associated with the family of the Baillies, of whom the most notable were Cuthbert Baillie (d.

Jane Baillie Welsh, born 1801, was the only child of Dr Welsh of Haddington.