Sentence Examples with the word Bacterium

It appears from the observations of Maze that the bacterium can even absorb free nitrogen when grown in cultures FIG.

But this has not been proved, and hitherto no enzyme has been separated from a pathogenic bacterium capable of forming, by digestive or other action, the toxic bodies from proteids outside the body.

This latter complement may not suit the immune body, that is, may not be fixed to the bacterium by means of it, or if the latter event does occur, may fail to bring about the death of the bacteria.

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The result of the entrance of a virulent bacterium into the tissues of an animal is not a disease with hard and fast characters, but varies greatly with circumstances.

It should be mentioned that different genera require different races of the bacterium for the production of nodules.

Formerly regarded as a distinct genus - the natural fate of all the various ' Brefeld has observed that a bacterium may divide once every half-hour, and its progeny repeat the process in the same time.

These oxidations are brought about by the vital activity of several bacteria, of which four-- Bacterium aceti, B.

The microscope magnifies the distance traversed as well as the organism, and although a bacterium which covers 9 - ro cm.

It may be stated that the introduction of a particular bacterium into the tissues of the body leads to certain properties appearing in the serum, which are chiefly exerted towards this particular bacterium.

A pathogenic bacterium present may invade the body, and may be obtained in pure culture from the internal organs.