Sentence Examples with the word Backpack

He wished he'd thought to bring his backpack with his 3DS and magazines until he remembered why it was better he left it: Rhyn needed the other dosage of Immunity blood if the half-demon wanted to make it to the seventh day after Katie's death.

The angel ducked into the cave, clutching his backpack to his chest.

He lowered a backpack from his shoulder to the bed, nearing her.

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Ashley wasn't in the room, though Jessi recognized some of her cousin's things: a pink cell phone charger, a backpack that yawned open to reveal clothes, the stack of colorful beaded bracelets on the arm of the couch.

Ashley slung her backpack on a chair.

She adjusted her clothing and weapons then swept the backpack up and trotted to the locker room.

The angel looked ready for a journey with his backpack and sturdy boots.

Jenn shrugged out of her backpack and yanked off her wet jacket.

He pulled out a small stack of clothing from the backpack and peeled off his shirt, displaying the lean, muscular body beneath.

The backpack she kept with her as she exited the locker room into the gym area.