Sentence Examples with the word Back

The sting of his cool hospitality was quickly replaced with awe as she turned back to the room.

She dropped back to her pillow and yawned The sound caught her by surprise - a blood-curdling scream that could be nothing less than a woman in agonizing pain.

You will follow this path that leads around the hill back toward the encampment.

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Bismarck nevertheless continued his press campaign in favor of the temporal power until, reassured by Gambettas decision to send Roustan back to Tunis to complete as minister the anti-Italian programme begun as consul, he finally instructed his organs to emphasize the common interests of Germany and Italy on the occasion of the opening of the St Gothard tunnel.

Somewhere in the back of her mind, she might have been aware of his looks, but for some reason it hadn't been a conscious thought.

Martha bore no scars from her hectic July adventure and when news came that mother Patsy was back in the clink, she accepted it without reservation.

This horizontal movement of the lower end of the back leg allows the whole arrangement to assume the position shown in fig.

Yes, and that's a coincidence that bothers me but me might learn something if Howie and Quinn manage to go back there.

The principal places of interest on the banks of the Earn are Dunira, the favourite seat of Henry Dundas, ist Viscount Melville, who took the title of his barony from the estate and to whose memory .an obelisk was raised on the adjoining hill of Dunmore; the village of Comrie; the town of Crieff; the ruined castle of Innerpeffray, founded in 1610 by the ist Lord Maderty, close to which is the library founded in 1691 by the 3rd Lord Maderty, containing some rare black-letter books and the Bible that belonged to the marquess of Montrose; Gascon Hall, now in ruins, but with traditions reaching back to the days of Wallace; Dupplin Castle, a fine Tudor mansion, seat of the earl of Kinnoull, who derives from it the title of his viscounty; Aberdalgie, Forgandenny and Bridge of Earn, a health resort situated amidst picturesque surroundings.

I did not see why the lyceum should not present its tax-bill, and have the State to back its demand, as well as the Church.