Sentence Examples with the word Babies

He sent out among the poor people of the city and found two little babies who had never heard a word spoken.

Not by my consciousness, but by knowing the bodies of others - of babies on the one hand, and of old men on the other hand.

One of the girls who watched the babies in the nursery was ill that morning, so Carmen volunteered to help.

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Maybe it wasn't a good thing to bring up babies right now, but he needed to know.

I put my little babies to sleep in Florence's little bed, and I take them to ride in her carriage.

Gradually, the parents came in and picked up their babies until she was left with an 8-week-old little girl.

The doctor said they tried unsuccessfully to stop labor, but the babies are healthy and big enough.

He dreamed of bones and babies and lost little girls.

Either they're huge babies you have to take care of, or they want to lock you in their palace with eunuchs.

Without a doubt, the fact that the babies were healthy had major influence on his mood.