Sentence Examples with the word Baber

After having won the battle of Panipat (1526) Baber was no more acknowledged as emperor of India than his ancestor Timur had been.

Demetrius (c. 190 B.C.) is supposed to have reigned in Arachosia after being expelled from Bactria, much as, at a later date, Baber reigned in Kabul after his expulsion from Samarkand.

From the time of his conquest of Hindustan (victory at Panipat, April 21, 1526), Kabul and Kandahar may be regarded as part of the empire of Delhi under the (so-called) Mogul dynasty which Baber founded.

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Kabul first became a capital when Baber made himself master of it in 1504, and here he reigned for fifteen years before his invasion of Hindustan.

The battle was fought at Sikri near Agra, and is memorable for the vow made by the easy-living Baber that he would never again touch wine.

The tomb of the Sultan Baber stands on a slope about a mile to the west of the city in a charming spot.

The autobiography of Baber (by Leyden and Erskine) gives interesting details about the country in the 16th century.

The death of Hussain put a stop to this expedition, but Baber spent a year at Herat, enjoying the pleasures of that capital.

He was compelled to take to flight with very few companions, but his great personal courage and daring struck the army of his opponents with such dismay that they again returned to their allegiance and Baber regained his kingdom.

In 1526 the city was 'captured by the emperor Baber, the famous Koh-i-noor diamond being part of the loot; and it was here that Baber announced that his invasion was to be a permanent conquest, and not a mere temporary inroad.