Sentence Examples with the word Baba

On the 25th the horsemen reached the Constantinople railway at Baba Eski; next, pushing reconnaissances S.

It is beautifully situated at the foot of Baba Dagh (Mt.

The state of Mysore and the Baba Budan range also witnessed the first opening of a coffee-garden by an English planter about 1840.

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Both are of large size, the baba weighing as much as 70 lb.

One of these converts, Baba Budan by name, is said to have gone on a pilgrimage to Mecca and to have brought back with him the coffee berry, which he planted on the hill range in Mysore still called after him.

There are not many varieties of freshwater fish, the commonest being the baba or cat-fish and the yellow fish.

The highland region of northern Albania is divided into two portions by the lower course of the Drin; the mountains of the northern portion, the Bieska Malziis, extend in a confused and broken series of ridges from Scutari to the valleys of the Ibar and White Drin; they comprise the rocky group of the Prokletia, or Accursed Mountains, with their numerous ramifications, including Mount Velechik, inhabited by the Kastrat and Shkrel tribes, Bukovik by the Hot, Golesh by the Klement, Skulsen (7533 ft.), Baba Vrkh (about 7306 ft.), Maranay near Scutari, and the Bastrik range to the east.

The direct passes across it from Herat (the Baba and the Ardewan) wind amongst masses of disintegrating sandstone for some miles on each side of the dividing watershed, but farther west the rounded knolls of the rain-washed downs may be crossed almost at any point without difficulty.

Sir Gore Ouseley returned to England in 1814, in which year Mr Ellis, assisted by Mr Morierwhose Hajji Baba is the unfailing proof of his ability and deep knowledge of Persian character negotiated on the part of Great Britain the Treaty of Teheran.

So also the Talmud (in Baba bathra, 14.2), nor can it be supposed that Josephus in his enumeration (c. i.