Sentence Examples with the word Ba

Bb l, Bb l, Ba branchiate Proteidae have only three (see fig.

The Cathars even held it necessary, in case a bishop fell into mortal sin, to repeat his ba p tisms and ordinations, for they had been vitiated by his sins.

His story, and even his very name, are known to us only from Ba da (Hist.

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Synthetically it may ba obtained by reducing malic or tartaric acids with hydriodic acid (R.

If the observer be stationary at B, the star will appear in the direction BS; if, however, he traverses the distance BA in the same time as light passes from the star to his eye, the star will A B appear in the direction AS.

E Arabian Sea Ba Of G A L e Geological information incomplete Desert Deposits Quaternary Tertiary Mesozoic Palaeozoic Archaean and Metamorphic Younger Volcanic Rocks English Miles b iuHi iiiiuiiiiii after llargl,aua Geology The geology of Asia is so complex and over wide areas so little known that it is difficult to give a connected account of either the structure or the development of the continent, and only the broader features can be dealt with here.

If a line S2 cut an arc aa at b, so that the two segments ab, ba lie on opposite sides of the line, then projecting the figure so that the line Sl goes off to infinity, the tangent at b is projected into the asymptote, and the arc ab is projected into a hyperbolic leg touching the asymptote at one extremity; the arc ba will at the same time be projected into a hyperbolic leg touching the same asymptote at the other extremity (and on the opposite side), but so that the two hyperbolic legs may or may not belong to one and the same branch.

This poor fragment is all that can with confidence be affirmed to remain of the voluminous works of the man whom Ba da regarded as the greatest of vernacular religious poets.

Barium nitride, Ba 3 N 2, is obtained as a brownish mass by passing nitrogen over heated barium amalgam.

The force corresponding to AB may be replaced by the two components marked x, y; and a force corresponding to BA may be represented by the two components marked x, y.