Sentence Examples with the word BURGOMASTER

The burgomaster has the power to suspend any of the council's decrees for 30 days.

His family came from Livonia, one of his ancestors having been burgomaster of Riga.

The Magistrat consists of the chief burgomaster (Erster Bdrgermeister or Stadtschultheiss, and in the large cities Oberbiirgermeister), a second burgomaster or assessor, and in large towns of a number of paid and unpaid town councillors (Ratsherren, Senatoren, Schoffen, Ratsmdnner, Magistratsrate), together with certain salaried members selected for specific purposes (eg.

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The chief burgomaster (Oberburgermeister) is nominated by the emperor for twelve years, and the second burgomaster must receive the emperor's approval.

His father was one of the leading citizens of Holland, both in politics and in the patronage of letters, and for some time burgomaster of Amsterdam.

His father, Henry Kepler, was a reckless soldier of fortune; his mother, Catherine Guldenmann, the daughter of the burgomaster of Eltingen, was undisciplined and ill-educated.

Born at Hamm on the Sieg on the 30th of March 1818, being the son of Gottfried Raiffeisen, burgomaster of that place.

The executive power is vested in a college formed by the burgomaster and two, three or four magistrates (wethouders) to be chosen by and from the members of the council.

Directly west of the town hall is the new Stadthaus, the chief police station of the town, in front of which is a bronze statue of the burgomaster Karl Friedrich Petersen (1809-1892), erected in 1897.

The private collection founded by Burgomaster Jan Six (d.