Sentence Examples with the word BUOY

They serve to buoy up the plant when attached to the sea-bottom, and thus light is admitted into the forest-like growths of the gregarious species.

Godsal continued on his course for two minutes, when he sighted the Stroom Bank buoy to the N.E.

Another buoy is then lowered to mark this spot, and the cable on the other side of the fracture grappled for, brought to the surface, and, if communication is found perfect with the shore, buoyed with sufficient chain and rope attached to allow of the cable itself reaching the bottom.

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The low clouds and drizzle made visibility difficult, and the Stroom Bank buoy could not be seen at first.

Commander Godsal steered from the buoy for the supposed direction of the harbour.

She was worried and tired already, and his latest jab didn't buoy her spirits at all.

Another buoy is put down marking this position, fixing at the same time the actual line of the cable.

News had previously come in that the Stroom Bank buoy had been removed, and Lt.