Sentence Examples with the word BUND

In order to prevent the commercial treaty with Russia, a great agricultural league was founded in 1893, the Bund der Laudwirte; some 7000 landowners joined it immediately.

Beloch, Der italische Bund unter romischer Hegemonie, p. 51).

A handsome bund runs along the river frontage of the three foreign settlements, and the public buildings, especially in the British settlement, are large and fine.

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On the 1st of September it passed, with some slight modifications, the Austrian proposals for the reconstruction of the Bund under a supreme Directory, an assembly of delegates from the variotis parliaments, a federal court of appeal and periodical conferences of sovereigns.

Weizsacker, Der rheinische Bund (Tubingen, 1879).

In the event of the actual constitution of the Bund being shattered by war, the German states were asked whether they would be prepared to join this new organization.

The Bund interfered in a like spirit in Hanover, although with less disastrous results, after the accession of George V.