Sentence Examples with the word BUN

He was a bun commander of men, and it is doubtful if any other officer in the Northern army could get more fighting and more marching out of his men.

Her pink hair was up in a bun that revealed the delicate cut of her elfin features.

Her hair was still pink and in a loose bun on the top of her head.

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The breeze ruffling the curls that escaped from her bun went around him, not touching his coat.

Her hair was drawn back severely into a bun and she had black eyes that could render a lie detector machine obsolete.

Very soon, however, the enlightened makers of modern Japan appreciated the importance of journalism, and in 1871 the Shim bun Zasshi (News Periodical) was started under the auspices of the illustrious Kido.

She twisted her hair into a bun and felt the warm energy of Fate fade with him.