Sentence Examples with the word BORROW

But the peculiar glory of Bunyan is that those who most hated his doctrines have tried to borrow the help of his genius.

Can I borrow your cell? she asked.

District councils are empowered to borrow with the sanction of the Local Government Board, subject to certain restrictions and Borrowing regulations.

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It is clearly established that Hall was the first inventor of the achromatic telescope; but Dollond did not borrow the invention from Hall without acknowledgment in the manner suggested by Lalande.

The authority has powers to borrow money, but for certain purposes in this connexion, as in other matters, it can only act subject to the approval of the Board of Trade.

Their departure from Egypt is deliberate; the people have time to borrow raiment and jewels from their neighbours.

In adopting foreign innovations, he showed, like the Japanese of the present day, no sentimental preference for any particular nation, and was ready to borrow from the Germans, Dutch, English, Swedes or French whatever seemed best suited for his purpose.

The camp-meetings went steadily on, and their influence is reflected in the writings of George Eliot, George Borrow and William Howitt.

They would always borrow rather than earn money, and they feel no shame in adopting the former course.

Anatole used to come to borrow money from her and used to kiss her naked shoulders.