Sentence Examples with the word BOARD OF WORKS

It was carried on more effectively by the Metropolitan Board of Works (1856-1888) which expended over six-and-a-half millions sterling on the work.

Much of these last has been destroyed, and threatened encroachment upon the remaining relics so far aroused public feeling that in 5905 it was decided that the Board of Works should take over these ruins, including the Bell Tower, from the town council, and enclose them as national relics.

A Dominican monastery was founded with great magnificence by Myler de Bermingham in 1241, and was repaired by the Board of Works in 1893.

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An objection to the Metropolitan Board of Works soon became manifest, inasmuch as the system of election was indirect.

When the Metropolitan Board of Works was formed by the Metropolis Management Act of 1855 the city was affected to a certain extent, but by the Local Government Act of 1888 which founded the London County Council the right of appointing a sheriff for Middlesex was taken away from the city of London.

The Metropolitan Board of Works was also given certain powers of supervision over the vestries and district boards, and superseded the commissioners of sewers as authority for main drainage.