Sentence Examples with the word BIENNIALLY

The state legislature, or General Assembly, composed of a senate and a house of representatives, sits biennially at Des Moines.

The most common form of provincial government is that by a governor, who is elected biennially by the municipal councillors in convention, and a secretary, a treasurer, a supervisor, and a fiscal or prosecuting attorney, who are appointed by the Philippine Commission.

The legislature, or General Assembly, meets biennially in evennumbered years, at Annapolis, and consists of a Senate and a House of Delegates.

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Three revenue commissioners, one of whom is an expert accountant, are elected biennially by each county court to examine the books and reports of the collectors, and three state revenue agents are appointed biennially by the comptroller to examine the records of all officials charged with the collection or disbursement of state or county revenue.

The judges of the supreme court are elected biennially by tine General Assembly, and all the other judicial officers are elected by the people.

The legislature meets biennially on the second Monday in January of the odd-numbered years.

The legislature, which meets biennially at Honolulu, consists of a Senate of 15 members holding office for four years, and a House of Representatives of 30 members holding office for two years.

The legislative branch consists of a senate and chamber of deputies, which meets at Bogota biennially (after 1908) on February 1st for an ordinary session of ninety days.

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Each municipality is governed by a president, a vice-president, and a municipal council, all of whom are elected biennially by the qualified electors of the municipality.