Sentence Examples with the word BF

Boron fluoride also combines with ammonia gas, equal volumes of the two gases giving a white crystalline solid of composition BF 3 NH 3 i with excess of ammonia gas, colourless liquids BF 3.2NH 3 and BF 3.3NH 3 are produced, which on heating lose ammonia and are converted into the solid form.

Boron fluoride BF 3 was first prepared in 1808 by Gay Lussac and L.

After reaching manhood, he passed through the tempestuous period between the death of Theodosius (395) and the fall bf the usurper Attalus, which occurred near the date when his poem was written.

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About 512 B.C. Darius, having conquered Thrace, made an invasion bf Scythia, which, according to the account of Herodotus, he crossed as far as the Oarus, a river identified with the Volga, burned the town of Gelonus and returned in sixty days.

The factors Af (u-v cos i) and Bf (v sin i) give the frictional resistance to sinking, per unit length of the cable, in the direction of the length and transverse to the length respectively.

Burghers of all denominations are enrolled in one or other of the arts or gilds, and these trading companies furnish the material from which the government or signoria bf the city is composed.

He had much bf the Arab nature, was singularly temperate, and equal to any amount of fatigue.

In 1357, however, Alphonso died, and the infante was crowned king bf Portugal.

These were unable to withstand the Greek settlers, and the Phoenicians of Sicily withdrew step by step to form three considerable towns in the north-west corner bf the island near to the Elymi, on whose alliance they relied, and at the shortest distance by sea from Carthage - Motya, Solous or Soluntum, and Panormus (see Palermo).

A considerable amount bf the bark from private plantations is bought by the government and treated at the government factories.