Sentence Examples with the word BET

It was a long shot, but Gabriel was willing to bet that raising the dead-dead Immortal would pay off.

She'd be willing to bet the woman was as hard nosed in her sleep.

The principal remaining buildings are part of a court at Memphis, the second temple at Abydos, and the six Nubian temples of Bet el-Wgli, Jerf Husein, Wadi es-Sebtia, Derr, and the grandest of allthe rock-cut temple of Abu Simbel, with its neighboring temple of Hathor.

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Exactly. I then called in the favor she owed me from the bet I actually lost.

I'll bet it was the damn buzzing of your Tesla thing.

I'll take your bet tomorrow, but now we are all going to ----'s.

Interesting. Bet Xander hates it.

Elsewhere are but few other monuments; at Wadi Maghara in Sinai is a rock sculpture of Semcrkhet of the 1st Dynasty in perfect state, at Giza is a group of tombs of a prince and retinue of the 1st Dynasty, and at GIza and Bet Khallaf are two large brick mastabas with extensive passages closed by trap-doors, of kings of the IIIrd Dynasty.

Just bet me that Alabama license plate isn't stolen.

He'd also been anonymously voted least popular by a disgruntled Guardian on their online discussion boards, and he was about 99 percent sure Jule was leading the pack on that one as his latest attempt to win some bet with Damian about their diverse leadership styles.