Sentence Examples with the word BESTOW

Also renounced his claim to bestow ring and pastoral staff, but kept the right of induction into the temporalities (I106 - I107).

The state of utter indigence to which Tennyson was reduced greatly exercised his friends, and in September 1845, at the suggestion of Henry Hallam, Sir Robert Peel was induced to bestow on the poet a pension of f200 a year.

Charlemagne, with the title of king of the Franks and Lombards, became master of Italy, and in 800 the pope, who had crowned Pippin king of the Franks; claimed to bestow the Roman empire, and crowned his greater son emperor of the Romans (800).

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In the absence of other competing interests his religious beliefs and duties occupy a much larger share of his attention than the votaries of many higher faiths bestow on theirs; and though his ethical range may be very limited, yet the total influence of his religion in determining for him what he may do and what he may not, brings the greater part of conduct under its control.

This peculiarity is most vividly hit by the French in the name they bestow upon that fish.

After the battle of Hastings Aldred joined the party who sought to bestow the throne upon Edgar the IEtheling, but when these efforts appeared hopeless he was among those who submitted to William the Conqueror at Berkhampstead.

She obtained a grant of 700,000 a year, and hastened to bestow a pension of X100,000 on her husband, whom she created generalissimo of her forces and lord high admiral, while Marlborough obtained the Garter, with the captain-generalship and other prizes, including a dukedom, and the duchess was made mistress of the robes with the control of the privy purse.

This faith, he believed, could be properly awakened only by the manifestation, through Christ, of love as the law of life, and as identical with an eternal righteousness which it was God's purpose to bestow on every individual soul.

Volta then proved that all metals could be arranged in an electromotive 1 Modern researches have shown that the loss of charge is in fact dependent upon the ionization of the air, and that, provided the atmospheric moisture is prevented from condensing on the insulating supports, water vapour in the air does not per se bestow on it conductance for electricity.

I would ask that you bestow defenses upon them to thwart his inevitable attack.