Sentence Examples with the word BENEVOLENCE

He defines it as benevolence (good-will), or rather as a disposition to benevolence, towards being in general.

Hume, taking for granted that benevolence is the supreme virtue, points out that the essence of benevolence is to increase the happiness of others.

Of this we may perhaps roughly' distinguish a higher and a lower type, according as there is either complete confidence in the divine benevolence and justice, or a disposition to suppose a certain arbitrariness or at any rate conditionality to attach to the granting of requests.

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On the problem of evil and sin it is impossible here to enter; but this must be insisted on, that the miracles of Jesus at least express divine benevolence just under those conditions in which the course of nature obscures it, and are therefore, proper elements in a revelation of grace, of which nature cannot give any evidence.

After fourteen years' confinement, he was released on bail and lived in Holborn, where his benevolence was shown by all manner of works of charity.

He had a benevolence of manner suited to the philanthropy of his mind.

Philo, however, pushing his principles to their full consequences, shows that unless we assumed (or knew) beforehand that the system of nature was the work of a benevolent but limited deity, we certainly could not, from the facts of nature, infer the benevolence of its creator.

Consented to collect a benevolence for the recovery of the Palatinate for Charles Louis, the son of his sister Elizabeth, but no further steps were taken to carry out the project.

The dissolution of this second parliament was followed by a short imprisonment of some of the more active members, and by a dethand made through England for a benevolence to make up the deficiency which parliament had neglected to meet.

This work is now mostly in charge of a government department, and mission medical work is much restricted; but for thirty-five years the Malagasy owed all such help to the benevolence of European Christians.