Sentence Examples with the word BAUM

The baum and stone martens caught in France, the north of Turkey and Norway are of the same family, but coarser in underwool and the top hair is less in quantity and not so silky.

On the 16th Baum was attacked by General John Stark with the militia from the surrounding country, and was overwhelmed.

This is also of the marten species and has been frequently offered, when dyed dark, as have baum and stone martens, as Russian sables.

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Friedrich Baum and Col.

See also lives of Lambert by Baum (Strassburg, 1840); F.

Later in the year, however, he was placed in command (by New Hampshire), with the rank of brigadier-general of militia, of a force of militiamen, with whom, on the 16th of August, near Bennington, Vermont, he defeated two detachments of Burgoyne's army under Colonel Friedrich Baum and Colonel Breyman.

The tails have also been worked, in the manner explained with regard to the baum marten, as sets of trimmings and in other forms. Stone martens are found in Russia, Bosnia, Turkey, Greece, Germany, the Alps and France.