Sentence Examples with the word BASTARD

Rosewater and Atherton, Attorneys-at-Law, was a partnership of Ethel Rosewater and Arthur Atherton, a pompous bastard that Dean had busted for soliciting a plainclothesman outside a gay bar.

This chieftain lived north of the Orange river in the district now known as Griqualand West, and ruled over some 4000 people, a bastard race sprung from the intercourse between Boers and native women.

I refuse to walk away like Quinn and Martha and I won't let some bastard chase me out.

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Much advantage arises from the steam working of bastard fallows in summer, and after harvest a considerable amount of autumn cultivation can be done by steam power, thus materially lightening the work in the succeeding spring.

The bastard was a maniac.

In answer to his appeals for quarter and promises to pay ransom, he was told by Richard, the bastard son of King John, that he was a traitor who would not be allowed to deceive more men.

A bastard Platonism through hostility to Stoicism may become agnostic. Stoicism through hostility to its sceptical critics may prefer to accept some of the positions of the dogmatic nihilist.

If this bastard is getting closer to finding you, I can't help you if he knows more than I know.

They'd suspected Talon was one of Czerno's many bastard children, and the fact the sadistic bastard had called his daddy to tell him about Bianca confirmed it.

There were worse fates than being dinner for a sadistic bastard like Talon, and she'd just met the man who was willing to show her what they were.