Sentence Examples with the word BAGA

To-day the Baga occupy the coast land between the Cogon and the Rio Pongo, and the Landuman the country immediately behind that of the Baga.

The Mandingo, the Fula and the Susu are Mahommedans, though the Susu retain many of their ancient rites and beliefs - those associated with spirit worship and fetish, still the religion of the Baga and other tribes.

In 1818 Sir Charles McCarthy, governor of Sierra Leone, obtained the cession of the islands to Great Britain from the chiefs of the Baga country, and in 1882 France recognized them to be a British possession.

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The record of the trial was consigned to a new repository (commonly but wrongly called the Baga de Secretis), which thenceforth became the regular place of custody for important state trials.