Sentence Examples with the word BADGER

The dachshund, or badger hound, is of German origin, and like the basset hound was originally an elongated distorted hound with crooked legs, employed in baiting and hunting badgers, but now greatly improved and made more definite by the arts of the breeder.

In eastern Persia this species is replaced by the Persian badger (M.

Tradition centres rather upon the fox (kitsune) and the badger (mujina), which are credited with supernatural powers, the former being worshipped as the messenger of the harvest god, while the latter is regarded as a mischievous rollicker.

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In habits the fox is to a great extent solitary, and its home is usually a burrow, which may be excavated by its own labour, but is more often the usurped or deserted tenement of a badger or a rabbit.

They are now chiefly valued for the hair, that of the European badger being used in the manufacture of the best shaving-brushes while the softer hair of the American species is employed for the same purpose, and also for painters' pencils, and the fur is used for articles of ladies' apparel and trimmings.

P. Badger has, however, pointed out (Travels of Ludovico di Varthema, trans.

In these plains the fox is most abundant, and the badger and hedgehog are found.

Fossil remains of the badger have been found in England in deposits of Pleistocene age.

P. Badger visited the chief Jacobite centres, their numbers in all Turkey had dwindled to about ioo,000 souls, owing to vast secessions to Rome.

The badger does not usually seek to attack, but, when driven to bay, its great muscular power and tough hide render it a formidable antagonist.