Sentence Examples with the word BACKING

Both Nicholson's and Kijnig's machines printed only one side at a time - the second or backing printing being a separate and distinct operation - but they really embodied the general principles on which all other machines have been constructed or modelled.

His electioneering ventures, the friendly backing of bills, and his own expense in keeping up appearances, had loaded him with debt.

She stared at him, backing out of his reach until the back of her knees hit a chair and she dropped into it.

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I should like to see a boat's crew backing water up to a whale face foremost.

I might visit in my old clothes a king and queen who lived simply in such a house as I have described, if I were going their way; but backing out of a modern palace will be all that I shall desire to learn, if ever I am caught in one.

Corps, and particularly those backing the 19th Div., were apparently ordered to hold their fire till the word of command came from Corps headquarters.

The car was backing out of the garage when she grabbed the door on the passenger side.

This pulled some of the heat from the Parkside Police Department, and even the Ice Lady seemed to be backing off, improving her editorial chastisement and the mood of Lieutenant Anderson with it.

I didn't get to my position as the head of Dusty's intel networks by backing down from assignments that even most male Guardians wouldn't take.

Two blocks away, the patrol car struck a van backing out from its diagonal parking space in front of the toy store.