Sentence Examples with the word Azerbaijan

Khorasan and Mazandaran had submitted to him in 1381, Azerbaijan had shortly after followed their example, and Isfahan was seized in 1387.

From Azerbaijan in the north-west to Baluchistan in the south-east, may aptly be called the Central Range.

Since that time the customs of Azerbaijan have been taken over by the central customs department under Belgian officials, and it is stated that the trade has not decreased.

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In the reign of Motadid (CALIPHATE: C, 16) who, as we have seen, put down the Dolafids, and also checked the Sajids of Azerbaijan in their designs on Syria and Egypt, the Kharijites of Mesopotamia were put down by the aid of the Hamdanites of Mosul, who were to become an important dynasty (see below).

The present houses have for the most part been quarried from ancient ruins; of the palace of the princes of Azerbaijan there remains a gateway with a Persian inscription, flanked by two brick towers; and at a little distance stands the so-called Tower of the Khans, a richly decorated twelve-sided structure, 102 ft.

SAUJBULAGH, or Sujbulak, the principal town of the Mukri district, in the province of Azerbaijan in Persia, in a fertile valley, between 30 and 40 m.

In consequence of this feat, Mandi made Harun governor of the whole western part of the empire, including Azerbaijan and Armenia.

ARDEBIL, or Ardabil, chief town of a district, or subprovince, of same name, of the province of Azerbaijan in northwestern Persia, in lat.

URMIA (the name as written by the Persians is Urumieh and Urmieh; the inhabitants of the place say Urmi), a town in the province of Azerbaijan in Persia, situated at an elevation of 4400 ft., in an extremely.

The governorship of the province of Azerbaijan was an exception until the end of ioo, being always held by the Valiahd, heir apparent, or crown prince.