Sentence Examples with the word Axes

While it is throughout essentially a mountainous country, very complicated in its orographic features and interlocking river systems, two principal mountain axes form its ruling features - the Rocky Mountains proper, above referred to, and the Coast Ranges.

The problem of the curves is solved by their reduction to a problem of straight lines; and the locus of any point is determined by its distance from two given straight lines - the axes of co-ordinates.

If the asymptotes be perpendicular, or, in other words, the principal axes be equal, the curve is called the rectangular hyperbola.

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In south Oran they determine the principal axes of the mountain ranges.

As a result of this disposition of the articular surfaces, the wing may be shot out or extended, and retracted or flexed in nearly the same plane, the bones composing the wing rotating on their axes during either movement (fig.

The relation between these axes may be expressed by means of the momental ellipsoid at 0.

In directions parallel to the axes of the two micrometer screws.

When the currents flow through the two coils, forces are brought into action compelling the coils to set their axes in the same direction, and these forces can be opposed by another torque due to the control of a spiral spring regulated by moving a torsion head on the instrument.

There are, however, always three principal axes at right angles to one another along which the magnetization and the force have the same direction.

In the south midlands of England there are two main ranges of hills, with axes roughly parallel.