Sentence Examples with the word Axel

He preserved his superb appearance in advanced old age, and he died, after a very short illness, on the 24th of August 1901, at the royal castle of Leckii, where he was visiting his brother-in-law, Count Axel Rudenschdld.

The introduction of the blowpipe into dry qualitative analysis by Axel Fredrik Cronstedt marks an important innovation.

Ed., London, 1902); Historia om Axel von Fersens mord (Stockholm, 1844); R.

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The fertile and easily defensible delta of the Vistula was now occupied and Gustavus treated it as a permanent conquest, making his great minister Axel Oxenstjerna its first governor-general.

A way was found to the summit of the Plateau by the Axel Heiberg glacier which was negotiated by the dogs with much difficulty.

Their leader, Ture Rudbeck, was elected marshal of the Diet over Frederick Axel von Fersen (q.v.), the Hat candidate, by a large majority; and, out of the hundred seats in the secret committee, the Hats succeeded in getting only ten.

A brilliant and pathetic relic of the close of the medieval period exists in the Love Letters addressed in 1498 by Ingrid Persdotter, a nun of Vadstena, to the young knight Axel Nilsson.

The old towns of Axel and Halst were formerly important fortresses, and as such were frequently besieged in the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries.

In the northern forecourt is a statue (r890) of Axel Oxenstjerna, the chancellor, by J.

HANS AXEL FERSEN, COUNT VON (1755-1810), Swedish statesman, was carefully educated at home, at the Carolinum at Brunswick and at Turin.