Sentence Examples with the word Averroism

The parties seemed to have changed when Averroism thus took the side of the church; but the change was probably due to compulsion.

In such a critical generation the words of Averroism found willing ears, and pupils who outran their teacher.

It was in the universities of north Italy that Averroism finally settled, and there for three centuries it continued as a stronghold of Scholasticism to resist the efforts of revived antiquity and of advancing science.

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The importance of Siger in philosophy lies in his acceptance of Averroism in its entirety, which drew upon him the opposition of Albertus Magnus and Aquinas.

Meanwhile Averroism had come to be regarded by the great Dominican school as the arch-enemy of the truth.

By the 14th century Averroism was the common leaven of philosophy; John Baconthorpe is the chief of Averroists, and Walter Burley has similar tendencies.

In December 1270 Averroism was condemned.

The patricians of Venice and the lecturers of Padua made Averroism synonymous with doubt and criticism in theology, and with sarcasm against the hierarchy.

Renan, however, says that he merely tried to justify Averroism against the charge of heterodoxy.