Sentence Examples with the word Averages

The following averages will serve to illustrate the climate of Poland: - Flora.

The yearly production averages 5,000,000 gallons.

To the former belong the Black Sea littoral, where the rainfall averages 59 to 93 in.

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The height of the mountain varies from time to time within limits of several hundred feet, according to the effects of successive eruptions, but averages about 4000 ft.

Deep. The thickness of the wall averages to ft., but varies 3 or 4 ft.

The gradient below the mountains averages 7.5 ft.

This whale averages some sixteen or eighteen feet in length.

This earthwork averages 250 ft.

Most of the best river otter comes from Canada and the United States and averages 36 X18 in.

The cost of public instruction ih Australia averages about I Is.