Sentence Examples with the word Averaged

After half an hour his strength would give out, and in these circumstances his rate of composition for a long time averaged scarcely six lines a day.

During the decade 1831-1840 the annual revenues averaged about 2,100,000 pesos (of 48d.), which in the decade 1861-1870 had increased to an average of only 8,200,000 pesos - and this during a period of considerable agricultural activity on account of wheat exports to California and Australia.

The output of iron ore has greatly increased; in1870-1880it averaged annually little more than one-quarter of the amount in 1902.

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Italian trade with foreign countries (imports and exports) during the quinquennium 1872-1876 averaged 94,000,000 a year; in the quinquennium 1893f 897 it fell to 88,960,000 a year.

The total output of the Marne district has for the past three years averaged about 9 million gallons, but it occasionally runs as high as 20 million gallons.

During the period1891-1905the total production of Germany has averaged roughly 62 million gallons, attaining a maximum of III million gallons in 1896 and a minimum of 16 million gallons in 1891.

In the season of 1899-1900 the wool exports weighed 420,000,000 lb, and averaged more than 5 lb per sheep. The extra weight of fleece was owing to the large importation of better breeds.

Turning now to England, we find (25) the commonest building foot up to the 15th century averaged 13.22.

In 1907 the imports amounted to 79,500,000 taels (a tael in 1907 averaged 3s.

In the Terror the number of those voting averaged only 250.