Sentence Examples with the word Austere

His biographers state that he showed himself from the beginning very earnest in austere life and humility; and he became a recognized example of the virtues of a Dominican.

Lelewel, a man of austere character, simple tastes and the loftiest conception of honour, was a lover of learning for its own sake.

He betook himself at first to Port Royal, and began to live a recluse and austere life there.

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He was austere and religious; many of his closest friends were among the more saintly of the national clergy.

And for Radney, though in his infancy he may have laid him down on the lone Nantucket beach, to nurse at his maternal sea; though in after life he had long followed our austere Atlantic and your contemplative Pacific; yet was he quite as vengeful and full of social quarrel as the backwoods seaman, fresh from the latitudes of buck-horn handled bowie-knives.

He was suspected and denounced, but nothing ensued until, at the instigation of the austere zealot Caraffa, the Inquisition was established at Rome, June 1542.

Brady had conducted many missions in austere conditions in other countries.

All the evidence shows that, during the reign of the Omayyads, life in Damascus and the rest of Syria was austere and in striking contrast to the dissolute manners which prevailed in Medina.

By the austere clothing and stern features, Katie assessed she was in some kind of religious convent.

She introduced Italian elegance and luxury into the austere court of Cracow and exercised no inconsiderable influence on affairs.