Sentence Examples with the word Austenite

In short, from Ar 3 to Ar t the excess substance ferrite or cementite, in hypoand hyper-eutectoid steels respectively, progressively crystallizes out as a network or skeleton within the austenite mothermetal, which thus progressively approaches the composition of hardenite, reaching it at Ar t, and there splitting up into ferrite and cementite interstratified as pearlite.

Here the mass consists of (1) primary austenite, (2) eutectic austenite and cementite interstratified and (3) pro-eutectoid cementite.

Only in the presence of much manganese, nickel, or their equivalent can the true austenite be preserved in the cold so completely that the steel remains non-magnetic.

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Clearly the mushy mixture of solid austenite and molten iron of which the metal in region 2 consists cannot cohere under either the blows or the pressure by means of which welding must be done.

Nearly pure a-iron) with austenite for the space Mhsp, cementite with austenite for region 7, and a-ferrite and cementite jointly for regions 6 and 8.

The hardening of steel consists in first transforming it into austenite by heating it up into region 4 of fig.

As we pass to cases with higher and higher carbon-content, the primary austenite which freezes in cooling across region 2 forms a FIG.

Martensite, Troostite and Sorbite are the successive stages through which the metal passes in changing from austenite into ferrite and cementite.

That to which the hardened steel is thus reheated, the more is the molecular rigidity relaxed, the farther on does the transformation go, and the softer does the steel become; so that, if the reheating reaches a dullred heat, the transformation from austenite into ferrite and cementite completes itself slowly, and when now cooled the steel is as soft and ductile as if it had never been hardened.

This, of course, brings the final composition of the frozen austenite when freezing is complete exactly to that which the molten mass had before freezing began.