Sentence Examples with the word Ausgleich

When the Reichsrath met, the government had a large majority; and in the House, in which all the races except the Czechs were represented, the Ausgleich was ratified The con- almost unanimously.

Skene, Nationaler Ausgleich in Mahren (1910); L.

When Kdrber declined to carry through the Ausgleich with Hungary without consulting Parliament, and made it a question of confidence the young Emperor on Dec. 20 1916 lightly dismissed his best adviser.

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Zolger, Staatsrechtliche Ausgleich (1916); P. Samassa, Volkerstreit im Habsburgerreich (1910); K.

He supported the claims of Bohemia to a full autonomy; he strongly attacked both the February constitution and the Ausgleich with Hungary; what he desired was a common parliament for the whole empire based on a settlement with each one of the territories.

Andrassy, Ungarns Ausgleich mit Osterreich, 1867 (Leipzig, 1897); L.

As among the German National party, there were strong nationalist elements in his programme, but they were chiefly directed against Jews and Hungarians; Lueger had already distinguished himself by his violent attacks on Hungary, which had caused some embarrassment to the government at a time when the negotiations for the Ausgleich were in progress.

The Germans contended that the application of this clause to the Ausgleich was invalid, and demanded that it should be repealed.