Sentence Examples with the word Aura

He was the sexiest man she'd ever seen, and the swirling aura of command only amplified his physical appeal.

Her eyes were rimmed with red, and her aura was beyond agitated.

Our chore held the aura of planning a vacation, not making a life changing decision.

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She didn't miss the way the others moved out of his way or the way the aura of command around him filled up the room.

Deidre glowed darkly with the Dark One's power and something else, an aura that drew his gaze and left him feeling slightly addled.

She didn't remember the aura of power and command around him either.

Her blood smelled sweet, and the oddly charged aura around her made his brow furrow.

Jessi gazed up at him, overwhelmed by the compelling aura around him without understanding it.

Jessi asked, recognizing the strange aura that Jule had.

He held her gaze, struck by the aura of power around her.