Sentence Examples with the word Aulic

These Geheimrdte, a narrow body of secret counsellors, had already become a determinate concilium by 1527; and though at first only concerned with foreign affairs, they acquired, from the middle of the 16th century onwards, the power of dealing with imperial affairs in lieu of the Aulic Council.

Neither the council nor the chamber could 1 The Aulic Council is the private court of the emperor, with its members nominated by him; the Imperial Chamber is the public court of the Empire, with its members nominated by the estates of the Empire.

In February 1793 he entered the service of the emperor as an imperial aulic councillor.

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In all other matters, the Aulic Council was a competitor for judicial work with the Imperial Chamber 1 (Reichskammergericht, a tribunal dating from the great diet of Worms of 1495: see under Imperial Chamber).

In recognition of his work he was made an aulic councillor and a member of the Bavarian Academy of Sciences.

In 1497 he set up a new Aulic council or Hof rat, the members of which were chosen by himself, and to this body he gave authority to deal with all the business of the Empire.

But the real history of the Aulic Council, as that term was understood in the later days of the Empire, begins with Maximilian I.

On leaving college, he entered the royal aulic chancellery, and in 1832 was appointed secretary of the royal stadtholder at Buda.

To-day the archives of the Aulic Council are in Vienna, though parts of its records have been given to the German states which they concern.