Sentence Examples with the word Augusta

Osage or Augusta (in- 5.5.

The ancient Augusta Taurinorum was a city of Gallia Cisalpina, the chief town of the Taurini.

The so-called Arco di Augusto is a town gate with a Decorated superstructure, perhaps of the Etruscan period, bearing the inscription Augusta Perusia; above this again is a Renaissance loggia.

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The ancient Eporedia, standing at the junction of the roads from Augusta Taurinorum and Vercellae, at the point where the road to Augusta Praetoria enters the narrow valley of the Duria (Dora Baltea), was a military position of considerable importance belonging to the Salassi who inhabited the whole upper valley of the Duria.

So indispensable did it The charta Claudia was made from a composition of the first and second qualities, the Augusta and the Livia, a layer of the former being backed with one of the latter; and the sheet was increased to nearly a foot in width.

It bears the inscription Colonia Vibia Augusta Perusia, so that the town must have become a colony in the reign of the emperor C. Vibius Trebonianus Gallus (A.D.

Made a Roman colony after its second capture by the Romans (78 B.C.), it appears as Colonia Martia Julia and Colonia Claudia Augusta Pia Veteranorum, and bears at different periods the titles of respublica, conventus, metropolis, praefectura and praetorium.

Pompeia, probably founded by Pompeius Strabo (consul 89 B.C.) when he constructed the road from Aquae Statiellae (Acqui) to Augusta Taurinorum (Turin).

They gave up their property and travelled to Soissons (Noviodunum, Augusta Suessionum), where they supported themselves by shoemaking and made many converts to Christianity.

Emerita Cceres Augusta (Mrida) had a Roman garrison of Galicia.