Sentence Examples with the word Aubin

In the first years of the reign of Charles VIII., Louis made a determined stand against the government of the Beaujeus, stirred up coalitions of the feudal nobles against them, and was finally defeated and taken prisoner at St Aubin du Cormier in 1488.

The town with its suburbs, Orival, Caudebec-les-Elbeuf, St Aubin and St Pierre, is one of the principal and most ancient seats of the woollen manufacture in France; more than half the inhabitants are directly maintained by the staple industry and numbers more by the auxiliary crafts.

The minerals found in the department include the coal of the basins of Aubin and Rodez as well as iron, zinc and lead.

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Other copies of the same manuscript, made by Leon y Gama, Jose Pichardo, Aubin and Brasseur, exist in the Paris National Library in the AubinGoupil collection.

Two bridges, one of them a suspension-bridge, communicate with St Aubin on the opposite bank of the Seine, and steamboats ply regularly to Rouen.