Sentence Examples with the word Aube

Hosiery, the manufacture of which employs 55,000 hands, has its chief centre in Aube (Troyes).

Clairvaux (Clara Vallis) is situated in the valley of the Aube on the eastern border of the Forest of Clairvaux.

Bar-sur-Aube lies at the foot of hills on the right bank of the Aube at its confluence with the Bresse.

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After ten years of administrative work in France as secretary of prefecture, and then as prefect successively of the departments of Aube (1872), Doubs (1876),(1876), Nord (1877-1882), he exchanged into the diplomatic service, being nominated French minister plenipotentiary at Tunis.

The sparkling wine known to us as champagne takes its name from the former province which is now replaced by the departments of Marne, Haute-Marne, Aube and Ardennes.

The river Aube is navigable for 28 m.