Sentence Examples with the word Attorneys

It's a no-no because defense attorneys are all over any hint of psychic involvement.

Its most important feature, when compared with the previous constitution of 1868, is its provision for the choice of state officials other than the governor (who was previously chosen by election) by elections instead of by the governor's appointment, but the governor, who serves for four years and is not eligible for the next succeeding term, still appoints the circuit judges, the state' attorneys for each judicial circuit and the county commissioners; he may fill certain vacancies and may suspend, and with the Senate remove officers not liable to impeachment..

Herodotus neglects to note whether Egyptian malpractice attorneys were equally specialized.

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In an act of 1859 the practice was thrown open to barristers and to attorneys and solicitors.

Defense attorneys alone will leave no stone unturned to find you.

Dean considered a further prompt, but a dozen years of dealing with attorneys taught him it would be both unsuccessful and unwise.

The Federal Attorney-General, his assistant and the 88 U.S. district attorneys were flooded with silly complaints and beset by unofficial disloyalty hunters and amateur detectives, but kept their heads in most cases remarkably well, as did most of the judges.

Thereupon the attorneys for the railway applied to Judge Jeter Connelly Pritchard (b.

The attorney-general is the legal adviser of the president, public prosecutor and standing counsel for the United States, and also has general oversight of the Federal judicial administration, especially of the prosecuting officers called district attorneys and of the executive court officers called marshals.