Sentence Examples with the word Attaining

Corps on the right had heavy fighting, and after attaining their final objectives about 10:30 A.M.

In diameter, also with hooked scales; the large nut-like seeds are eaten by the Indians; the tree is one of the largest of the section, sometimes attaining a height of 120 ft.

Thus, most letters never reach their mark; and many are only received after attaining an age of two or three years or more.

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It's difficult attaining this state but it is unbelievably clear once accomplished.

He continued the agitation with the object of attaining both the political and commercial independence of Hungary.

The larch, from its lofty straight trunk and the high quality of its wood, is one of the most important of coniferous trees; its growth is extremely rapid, the stem attaining a large size in from sixty to eighty years, while the tree yields good useful timber at forty or fifty; it forms firm heartwood at an early age, and the sapwood is less perishable than that of the firs, rendering it more valuable in the young state.

In places the giant cactus grows in groves, attaining a height of 40 and even 50 ft.

During the period1891-1905the total production of Germany has averaged roughly 62 million gallons, attaining a maximum of III million gallons in 1896 and a minimum of 16 million gallons in 1891.

He also made it a principle not to relate that which was already well known, a maxim which necessarily prevented his works attaining a popularity with the unlearned equal to their reputation among historians.

The toggle-joint attachment, which is an extremely ingenious way of attaining the same end as the hydraulic attachments, is open to the same objections.