Sentence Examples with the word Attaching

Any exactitude attaching to the conclusions of geometrical reasoning arises from the comparative simplicity of the data for the primary judgments.

The joint attaching fore-pastern and forearm.

Without attaching himself to any particular system of philosophical doctrine, he fought error incessantly, and in regard to art, poetry and the drama and religion, suggested ideas which kindled the enthusiasm of aspiring minds, and stimulated their highest energies.

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Apart from the interest attaching to the pleasant country town and its pastoral environment, through their influence traceable in Shakespeare's writings, there are further connexions with himself and his family to be found.

The position of the author as regius professor of Hebrew at Oxford and canon of Christ Church in succession to Pusey, and his wellestablished reputation as a profound Hebrew scholar, commanded wide attention; the qualities of the book itself - its marked sobriety, its careful discrimination between the differing degrees of probability attaching to various conclusions and suggestions, and in general its soundness of method - rapidly extended the understanding of what Old Testament criticism is and commanded acceptance of the well-established conclusions.

So the notion of formal or constitutional authority attaching to the apostolate, in its various senses, is an anachronism for the apostolic age.

The needs for these are obvious - buoyancy in water and resistance to wetting for the first, some form of parachute for the second, and some attaching mechanism or attractive structure for the third.

After his dismissal from headquarters Zherkov had not remained in the regiment, saying he was not such a fool as to slave at the front when he could get more rewards by doing nothing on the staff, and had succeeded in attaching himself as an orderly officer to Prince Bagration.

Granvelle was made first archbishop of Malines, and all the odium attaching to the increase of the episcopate was laid at his door, though he was in reality opposed to it.

Like another Socrates, he taught them to know themselves, repressing vanity, encouraging the despondent, and attaching all alike by his unobtrusive sympathy.