Sentence Examples with the word Atrophy

The atrophy of the Ottoman sea-power had left the archipelago at the mercy of the Greek war-brigs; piracy flourished; and it became essential in the interests of the commerce of all nations to make some power responsible for the policing of the narrow seas.

This is followed by the atrophy of many of the larval organs, including the brain, the sense-organ and the ciliated ring.

In other species the large individuals have become purely female by atrophy of the male organs, and are entirely dependent on the dwarf males for fertilization.

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The result was the gradual atrophy of the whole administrative machine.

The essential feature of the asymmetry of Gastropoda is the atrophy or disappearance of the primitively left half of the circumanal complex (the right half in sinistral forms), including the gill, the auricle, the osphradium, the hypobranchial gland and the kidney.

In atrophy we have a series of retrograde processes in organs and tissues, which are usually characterized by a progressive diminution in size which may even end in their complete disappearance (fig.

The atrophy and total disappearance of ancestrally well-marked somites fre FIG.

The loss of an eye will be followed by atrophy of the optic nerve; the tissues in a stump of an amputated limb show atrophic changes; a paralysed limb from long disuse shows much wasting; and one finds at great depths of the sea fishes and marine animals, which have almost completely lost the organs of sight, having been cut off for long ages from the stimuli (light) essential for these organs, and so brought into an atrophic condition from disuse.

In Dictyota the unfertilized oosphere is found to be capable of undergoing a limited number of divisions, but the body thus formed appears to atrophy sooner or later.

They agree with the true crabs in not having appendages (uropods) to the sixth segment of the pleon, the atrophy being complete in the Homolidae and Homolodromiidae, whereas in the Dromiidae and Dynomenidae a pair of small plates appear to be vestiges of these organs.