Sentence Examples with the word Atrium

The exterior is uninteresting, and the church lost both atrium and apse in the 16th century.

In this way the mosaics of the two arches of the atrium and those of the Zeno chapel were cleaned and preserved.

There are two series of ovaries extending through a large part of the body and accompanied by two uteri; the latter open by two oviducts which debouch into an atrium which also receives the intestine and a single receptaculum seminis, and is continued backward as the cloaca; this opens posteriorly.

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Kiera looked around, speechless at the soaring ceilings, the atrium with a waterfall in the foyer, and pristine white walls covered with the multi-colored roping.

While the oviducts always open directly on to the exterior, it is the rule for the sperm ducts to open on to the exterior near to or through certain terminal chambers, which have been variously termed atrium and prostate, or spermiducal gland.

Although within the atrial cavity, it is separated from the latter by a narrow coelomic space, bounded towards the atrium by coelomic and atrial epithelium.

The communication with the atrium is guarded by a valvula cardiaca dextra, which only in function represents the mammalian tricuspid; it consists of an oblique reduplication of the muscular fibres together with the endocardiac lining of the right ventricle, while the opposite wall is convex and forms neither a velum nor papillary muscles, nor chordae tendineae.

They communicate with the coelom by several openings or nephrostomes, and with the atrium by a single opening in each case, the nephridiopore.

They walked a short distance to an open atrium in the center of the house, complete with a small oasis rising up from white stone and curved benches.

There are likewise two pulmonary veins, entering the left atrium by one orifice.