Sentence Examples with the word Atonic

In some cases a post-tonic vowel other than a is preserved in Catalan, as, for example, when that vowel forms a diphthong with the tonic (Deft, D e us; Ebriu, He bred s); or, again, it sometimes happens, when the tonic is followed by an i in hiatus, that the i persists (diliivi, dilfivium; servici, servicium; lbi, lbium; ciri, cereus); but in many cases these ought to be regarded as learned forms, as is shown by the existence of parallel ones, such as servey, where the atonic i has been attracted by the tonic and forms a diphthong with it (servIci, scrvii, serve)?).

U atonic keeps its ground.

These nasal vowels enter into combination with a final atonic vowel: irrno (g e r m anu s); also amo (a man t), sermo (sermon em), where the o is a degenerated representative of the Latin final vowel.

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With regard to the atonic vowels, there is a tendency to reduce a into a vowel resembling the Fr.

I atonic is often represented by e even when it is long (vehi, v i c i n u s).

Though ammonium chloride has certain irritant properties which may disorder the stomach, yet if its mucous membrane be depressed and atonic the drug may improve its condition, and it has been used with success in gastric and intestinal catarrhs of a subacute type and is given in doses of io grains half an hour before meals in painful dyspepsia due to hyperacidity.