Sentence Examples with the word Aton

In all local temples the worship of Aton was instituted.

At length a general named Harmahib, who had served under Akhenaton,came to the throne as a whole-hearted supporter of the old religion; soon Aton and his royal following suffered the fate that they had imposed upon Ammon; their monuments were destroyed and their names and figures erased, while those of Ammon were restored.

A few years after the reformer's death, the old cults were re-established and the monuments of Aton studiously defaced.

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This with a large area around he dedicated to Aton in the sixth year, while splendid temples, palaces, houses and tombs for his god, for himself and for his courtiers were rising around him; apparently also this son of Aton swore an oath never to pass beyond the boundaries of Atons special domain.

Amenophis began his reign in Thebes as an adherent of the traditional faith, but after a few years he abandoned that town and built a new capital for his god Aton 200 m.

The confiscated revenues of Ammon and the tribute from Syria and Cush provided ample means for adorning Ekhaton (Akhetat on), the horizon of Aton, the new capital, and for richly rewarding those who adopted the Aton teaching fervently.

One more adherent of his named Ay, a priest, ruled for a short time, but now Aton was only one of many gods.